Privacy Policy

Last updated on 23 December, 2022

Ownership of Media

Our valued customers upload the product’s pictures and videos. They solely have ownership of it. No one else will be allowed to reproduce or reuse without taking prior permission in writing from them.

The Use of Cookies

When any user visits the Rentole website. Some cookies are temporarily created. That is deleted once the user leaves the website, closes the tab, or closes the browser. The data of login and password remains with Rentole for only 2 days. If the user selects the option to “Remember me” in the browser settings. It will be saved for 30 days. On the other hand, If the user wishes to log out then that data that was stored in the form of cookies will be deleted.

These cookies are used to store or help us to manage our users’ sessions. We save your language choice. At the same time, it is used to load any relevant information that is related to the listings. We also use cookies to store your information such as the date and time you visit our website. Even the browser history is also stored along with your username.

It is the users’ discretion to allow full, partial or no use of these cookies. However, it is worth noting that once you disable these some of the parts of the website may not show up.

What Do We Do With Your Data When You Use The Rentole Website or The App?

When any of the users visit our website or app. We by default collect the following information:

  • The Device Used - All the information related to the device for example the operating system and its version. It’s the ID for instance in the case of the mobile device the cellular network is identified. We then verify the device id with your Rentole account
  • The Location - Wherever you are residing. When you upload an image for posting. We usually collect and process information about your location. We take various ways to do for instance your IP address, GPS, wifi access, and mobile towers. That all is done based on your device permissions. Your location allows seeing the products of your interest in your nearby areas. As well as show other customers that are living near your area.

Login Details

All data relating to the user is collected for example time zone, date of registration, and date on which the last password was changed. The user’s login and password and the version of the browser.

Clickable Data

All the data collected is related to the time the Rentole website or app is used. The items that you have searched. The ads and the listing that you have clicked. Even the amount of time that was allocated to seeing these ads or listings. That is not limited to the order in which it was accessed on the website or the app.

Do We Have Access To The Data of Children?

Rentole website and app are for people who age is 21 and above. If we come that any user who is a minor. Then whatever personal information he/she has entered is immediately deleted. If you live in Pakistan you are a minor. Then you can access our website or app accepting and acknowledging that your guardian has understood and permitted you to do so on your behalf.

How the Rentole Website & App Are Secured?

We ensure the safety and security of our users who access our Rentole website or app. We may access and read the chats that are between the product owner and the client. We use also the phone numbers for the new customers for sending the One Time Password.

How Are The Customers Informed About The Changes In Our Privacy Policy?

We may reserve the right to change our privacy policy. However, it is our duly duty to inform all the Rentole customers through emails.

Communicating with Registered Users of Rentole

All of our Rentole customers are sent emails about our products on rent or sale occasionally. They can opt out of our mailing list at any time.

Policy Regarding User's Images and Data

Rentole will collect, store and use user's uploaded images on Rentole app as well as on the web at Rentole ensures that user uploaded images are secured and not distributed. User uploaded images will not be shared with any third party. If user wishes, the user account can be deleted along with the user data including images from Rentole.